SSRS Reporting

This course includes in depth knowledge of how to create, deploy and manage reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.

Each student in our Live Online classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.
  • Batch size up to 1 to 3.
  • Access to the trainer any time for any questions and follow-ups.
  • Online in-person training.
  • Every session is followed by practical assignments.
  • Numerous assignments carefully designed on every topic by our professional trainers.
  • Guidance from experienced and professional people in software industry.
  • Assignments evaluation, feedbacks and encouragements to develop in better way.
  • Focus on hands-on training by students during sessions.


Familiarity with database concepts, SQL.


Duration: Min 25 hours of classroom training.
Min 20 assignments.

Introduction to Reporting Services
  • Introduction to MSBI
  • What is SSRS?
  • Why do we need SSRS?
  • How SSRS works?
Reporting Services Environment
  • Introduction to SQL Server Data Tools
  • Creating new project
  • Solution Explorer
  • What is Data source?
  • What is Data set?
Creating Reports
  • Creating new report
  • Report Data Window
  • Creating Data Source
  • Creating Data Set
Report Items
  • List of Report Items
  • Create New Table Report
  • Add Text Box to Report
  • Rectangle in a Report
  • Create a List Report
  • Display Image in Report
Basic Formatting
  • Changing Font and Background Color of a Text Box
  • Format Numbers in a Text Box
  • Format Date and Time in a Report
  • Repeat Column Headers on Each Page
  • Column Headers Visible While Scrolling
  • Add, or Remove Headers and Footers on Reports
  • Page number
Filtering and Sorting
  • Filtering at Tablix Level
  • Filtering at Dataset Level
  • Sorting Data at Tablix Level
  • Interactive Sorting
  • Simple Expressions
  • Complex Expressions
  • Add Row Numbers to Report
  • Add Alternative Row Color to Report
  • Conditional Formatting
  • CStr function
Totals and Calculated Fields
  • Add totals
  • Add calculated fields
  • Add Parent Groups
  • Add Child Groups
  • Add total and Subtotal in grouping
Matrix Report
  • Create new Matrix Report
  • Add Row Groups and Column Groups
  • Add Total and Subtotal in Matrix Report
Drill down Reports
  • Simple drill down report
  • Drill down matrix report
  • Multiple drill down matrix report
Report Parameters
  • Type in text Parameter
  • Drop Down List Parameter
  • Drop down List Parameter with user friendly labels
  • Drop down List Parameter with user friendly labels
  • Drop down List Parameter with default value parameter
  • Multiple Parameters
  • Multi-value Parameters
  • Cascaded Parameters
Relating the information
  • Linked Report
  • Sub Report
  • Drill through Report
  • Go to URL Action
  • Dashboards
Relating parameters and filters
  • Two table two queries
  • Two table one query
  • Dynamic Conditional Formatting
  • Visibility Control
Building Report using Stored Procedure
  • Report using Stored Procedure
  • Report using Parameterized Stored Procedure
  • Charts Introduction
  • Column Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Data Bars
  • Indicators
  • Linear Gauges
  • Radial Gauges
  • Sparkline
Managing report server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager
  • Report Deployment
Managing report server
  • Install Report Builder
  • Create a New Dataset using Report Builder
  • New Table, or Matrix Report using Wizard
Through this course you will learn and develop your skills to gain understanding of SSRS Tool. Also to create and manage a wide variety of different types of report, and deliver them in a range of formats. After completing this training successfully, candidate can get job as Business Intelligence(BI) or Report Developer.