SharePoint User

This course will give you an idea of how to use SharePoint Site. Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration, document management platform and content management system. After completing this course, you will have a better understating of what SharePoint is and how it works.

Each student in our Live Online classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.
  • Batch size up to 1 to 3.
  • Access to the trainer any time for any questions and follow-ups.
  • Online in-person training.
  • Every session is followed by practical assignments.
  • Numerous assignments carefully designed on every topic by our professional trainers.
  • Guidance from experienced and professional people in software industry.
  • Assignments evaluation, feedbacks and encouragements to develop in better way.
  • Focus on hands-on training by students during sessions.


Knowledge of operating computers with Microsoft Office.


Duration: Min 25 hours of classroom training.
Min 20 assignments.

Introduction to SharePoint
  • What is SharePoint?
  • How Information is shared?
  • Why SharePoint?
Getting Comfortable with the SharePoint Site
  • Website, Site Collection and Sub sites
  • Sites Vs. Site Collections
  • When to create a site
  • When to create a site collection
  • Site vs. Sub site in SharePoint
Working with Sites
  • Site Templates
  • Creating Sites
  • SharePoint Capabilities
  • Site Navigation
SharePoint List
  • What is SharePoint List?
  • Types of List
  • Task List
  • Contact List
  • Calendar List
  • Custom List
  • Adding an Item in a List
  • Modifying an Item in a List
  • Deleting an Item in a List
  • Filtering and Sorting a List
  • Working with List Settings
  • Creating List Columns
  • Modifying the Lists Columns
  • Working with List Views
  • Creating and Modifying a List View
SharePoint Libraries
  • What is a SharePoint Library?
  • Types of Libraries
  • Document library
  • Wiki Page Library
  • Picture library
  • Custom library
  • Uploading Documents to a Library
  • Modifying a Document
  • Checking a Document Out for Editing
  • Working with Library Settings
  • Creating Custom Columns
  • Creating a Custom Library View
  • Working with Library Version Control
Creating and Maintaining SharePoint Web Pages
  • Understanding SharePoint Web Pages
  • Working with a SharePoint Wiki Page Library
  • Creating a New Wiki Page
  • Adding Simple Content to a Page
  • Working with SharePoint App Parts
  • Working with SharePoint Web Parts
SharePoint Navigation Techniques
  • Working with Navigation Techniques
  • Modifying the Standard SharePoint Navigation
  • Creating a Links List
  • Adding Hyperlinks to a Wiki Page
  • Working with SharePoint Notifications
  • Creating a SharePoint Discussion Board for Group Discussions
Connecting SharePoint Content to Outlook
  • Create an Alert
  • Subscribe to a List's RSS Feed
  • Connect to Outlook
Integrating SharePoint List Data
  • Import Excel Spreadsheet to List
  • Export List Data to Excel
  • Open a List with Access
  • Using Windows Explorer to Access a SharePoint Library
  • Adding a SharePoint Library Location to Windows Favorites
Introduction to SharePoint Permissions
  • Introduction to SharePoint Permissions
  • Overview of site permissions
  • SharePoint Groups
  • Assigning Permissions
  • Permission Levels
In this course you will have a better understating of what SharePoint is and what are the high-level feature areas and functionalities of SharePoint.You can work on SharePoint.