Basic and Advance Excel

The main purpose of this Data Analysis Fundamentals Using Excel is to give students the ability to add analysis capabilities to Excel spreadsheets. This course is intended for anyone responsible for analyzing data with Excel.

Each student in our Live Online classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.
  • Batch size up to 1 to 3.
  • Access to the trainer any time for any questions and follow-ups.
  • Online in-person training.
  • Every session is followed by practical assignments.
  • Numerous assignments carefully designed on every topic by our professional trainers.
  • Guidance from experienced and professional people in software industry.
  • Assignments evaluation, feedbacks and encouragements to develop in better way.
  • Focus on hands-on training by students during sessions.


Students who have basic skills with Microsoft Excel who want to learn more advanced skills.


Duration: Min 20 hours of classroom training.
Min 10 assignments.

  • Creating new workbook
  • Navigating in excel
  • Moving the cell pointer
  • Saving a workbook and re-opening a saved workbook
  • Switching between sheets in a workbook
  • Inserting, deleting, renaming and moving worksheets
  • Hiding columns, rows and sheets
Excel Intermediate
  • Formatting fonts and values, adding borders
  • Adjusting row height and column width
  • Applying colors and patterns, use of the format painter
  • Merging cells, rotating text, and using auto fit
  • Creating headers, footers, and page numbers
  • Creating a basic formula
  • Calculating value totals with auto sum
  • Editing and copying formulas
  • Formulas with several operators and cell ranges
Excel Advanced
  • Sorting, subtotaling and filtering data
  • Conditional formatting
  • Creating a chart
  • Moving and resizing a chart
  • Formatting and editing objects in a chart
  • Use of V-lookup and h-lookup
This training is meant for students who want to advance their skill set by learning to work with advanced formulas, lists, and illustrations. Students will also work with charts and advanced formatting including styles.