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Addressing Common Pain Points with Virtual Assistants

For Leads:

1. Struggling to catch up or find new leads within your existing database?
2. With leads often appearing uncertain, grappling with prioritizing which leads to attend to first or determining when to address upcoming leads.
3. Finding it challenging to effectively follow up with new leads or provide them with essential information about your services.
4. Wishing for an assistant who can attend to these leads until you have the time to engage with them personally.

For Existing Customers:

1. Missing out on addressing complaints or inquiries from existing customers due to being too busy, impacting customer satisfaction and retention.
2. Unable to provide ongoing support to existing customers amidst higher priority responsibilities, resulting in customer dissatisfaction with your team.
3. Delaying payment follow-ups with customers. Which can lead to cash flow problems for the business.
4. Failing to proactively check their service satisfaction every few months, potentially leading to losing repeat business.

For Documentation:

1. Noticing outdated website information potentially causing the loss of customers encountering old content.
2. Missing out on leveraging new and exciting AI technologies in business operations, leading to missed opportunities for growth and efficiency.
3. Struggling to make presentations presentable due to time constraints, resulting in less impactful communication with clients or stakeholders.

For Data Entry:

1. Constantly missing important data received through emails and messages due to time constraints, leading to overlooked opportunities or critical information.
2. Overwhelmed by the abundance of customer details, transactions, and invoice data, lacking the time to sort and organize this information effectively, resulting in inefficiencies and potential financial losses.
3. Facing difficulties in inputting payable invoice details and bank reconciliation data into your accounting system, leading to discrepancies and challenges in financial management.

With our Virtual Assistant package, you'll get

Client Success Stories: Real-world Applications of Our Virtual Assistant Services

Client: Paver Installation Service Provider

Role: Lead Management Assistant

1. Recorded the lead inquiry and tracked the lead source.

2. Responded via call and, if unavailable, then texted on Facebook, Angie’s List, and Yelp.

3. Followed up consistently until contact was made; if unresponsive, categorized as such.

4. Record the final outcome and number of attempts made if no response was received.

5. Scheduled appointments of interested leads and updated the calendar accordingly.

6. Sent the first collateral and updated the jobs tracker.

7. Reminded team members of scheduled visits and confirmed appointments.

8. Contacted customers before appointments for introductions and confirmation.

9. Followed up with the team or customer after the visit to ensure it took place.

10. Held and managed customer expectations in case of visit failure.

11. Obtained job details and measurements and recorded them on a standardized bidding sheet.

12. The client sent the bidding sheet by the end of the day.

13. Then calculated job costs and created proposals.

14. Sent the proposals to the client for verification. Once the verification was done, sent the proposal to the customer.

15. Sent the second sales collateral and followed up with customers.

16. Offered maintenance tips and made follow-up calls as needed

Role: Social Media Marketing Assistant

1. Conducted a study of the client's business and target audience.

2. Set up social media profiles on various platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

3. Developed a monthly schedule for publishing social media posts.

4. Created content for the client's listed services.

5. Sorted images provided by the client or sourced copyright-free images for use in advertisement posts.

6. Presented designed ad post to the client for approval, then made suggested changes as needed.

7. Published approved ad posts on social media platforms with appropriate captions.

8. Recorded the date and details of each post and made the report.

9. Conducted marketing analysis for paid Facebook campaigns, seeking client approval before implementation.

10. Set up and managed paid Facebook campaigns according to approved parameters.

11. Maintained records of details related to paid campaigns and generated reports for client review.

Role: Lead Management CRM Administrator

1. Inputted lead details including name, project type, source of lead, contact details, address, and stage of lead (e.g., in progress, estimating, converted as customer, scheduling, bid submitted).

2. Utilized customizable Lead Summary Status to track lead progress.

3. Added notes for the lead to document interactions and updates.

4. Viewed lead details to assess current status and history.

5. Edited lead information as needed to keep records accurate and up to date.

6. Deleted irrelevant or duplicate leads from the system.

7. Updated lead status to reflect changes in progress or conversion.

8. Generated reports based on specified dates and filters to analyze lead data.

9. Filtered reports by various criteria such as lead stage, source, or status for targeted analysis.

10. Used reports to identify trends, measure conversion rates, and assess overall lead management performance.

Client: ERP Provider

Role: Deltek Maconomy Support Specialist

1. Monitored the helpdesk ticketing system for new tickets related to Deltek Maconomy issues.

2. Evaluated incoming tickets to determine the complexity of the issue.

3. Provided initial resolution to simple issues by replying directly to the ticket.

4. Coordinated with team members to address more complex problems.

5. Scheduled and conducted calls with ticket requesters to gather additional information and resolve issues efficiently.

Client: Mobile Application Services

Role: Virtual Assistant

1. Researched Indian Restaurants in the USA.

2. Collected their Contact Information.

3.Contacted them via calls to explain the client’s application.

4. Recorded their feedback in a spreadsheet.

5. Followed up with them through an email campaign.

Client: CRM Services

Role: Virtual Assistant

1. Gathered data from LinkedIn and ZoomInfo.

2. Imported data into the ZOHO CRM.

3. Developed email templates.

4. Executed email campaigns for follow-up.

5. Managed data and generated reports.

Role: Virtual Assistant

1. Managed Email Lists.

2. Handled Calendar Meetings.

3. Scheduled Important Meetings.

4. Imported data into the active campaign CRM.

5. Created email templates.

6. Conducted email campaigns for follow-up.

7. Managed Data and generated Reports.

Client: Networking Training Centre

Role: Virtual Assistant

1. Imported data into the ZOHO CRM.

2. Designed email templates.

3. Conducted email campaigns for follow-up.

4. Managed Data and generated Reports.

Client: Marketing Company

Role:PO Journal Coordinator/ Accounts Payable Coordinator/ Purchase Order Management Specialist

1. Monitored emails for incoming POs from clients and noted the PO number.

2. Entered the PO number in Maconomy and adjusted for variations.

3. Checked PO Status and Documents.

4. Saved attached documents from email or Maconomy to the local folder.

5. Created a new journal in the Vendors Invoices tab.

6. Entered details from the invoice and attached the PDF document.

7. Recorded Vendor Invoice Details.

8. Verified Invoice Information, Ensured Invoice and Allocated amounts matched, with Unallocated value as zero.

9. Reviewed and submitted the journal for approval.

10. Obtained Final Approval from the Requisitioner.

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